Fasteners and screws

Our range of hot forged bolts extends from diameter M8 to diameter M39. We work with all types and grades of carbon steel (S235, S355, C35, C45, 34CD4, 42CD4, etc.) and stainless steel (304L, 316L, Duplex, etc.) with or without heat treatment.

In addition to the ISO 4014 4015 4017 and DIN 931 933 standard hexagonal head ranges, we also produce square head screws, countersunk head square collar, TRCC (Round Head Square Collar) also called Japy according to DIN 603 or NFE 27351 standards, etc Our screws are generally delivered with the corresponding nuts: ISO 4032 or DIN 934.

We can also study any specific needs: non-standard head shape with collar for example, very long bolts (our production tool allows us to form heads at the end of bars that can reach several meters), curved bolts, etc

You can find our products in a wide variety of applications and fields: Power lines, railways, timber construction with hot-dip galvanized structural bolts, steel construction, etc.

The quality classes offered range from class 4.6 to class 10.9 according to ISO 898. When the parts are not delivered raw, they mainly receive anti-corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanizing: this is carried out in our own SMA subsidiary. We can also offer any other type of coating: standard galvanizing, lamellar zinc, paint, etc.

Tie Rods

The tie rods that we manufacture are used in a multitude of applications, thanks to a varied range:

From the M8 for pump assembly to the M160 for harbor construction, we can produce parts from a few grams to over a ton in lengths of up to 12 meters.

Our expertise also allows us to manufacture prestressing tie rods used for example in wind turbine foundations in class 8.8 or class 10.9

For the construction industry, we produce tie rods for bracing, reinforcement or even structures with hangers.

Anchor Bolts

From the most standard to the most specific, we produce all types of anchor bolts according to your needs:

Partially or totally threaded straight anchors, in smooth steel or crenellated concrete rod, anchor rods and crosses, pre-sealed anchors, welding rods, threaded anchor plates with formwork tube.
We can also develop, in collaboration with our customers, specific anchorage cages with positioning crowns. They can, for example, be used for fixing very high masts or even domestic wind turbines.

Threaded rods

From M8 to M190, from class 4.6 to class 10.9 in raw, galvanized or hot-dip galvanized, our threaded rods are manufactured to the length of your choice. We also produce stainless steel threaded rods.

Need a specific material, we are available to meet all your requests: a large part of our production is for example made of S355J2 or K2 steel according to EN 10025.

Threaded rods class 8.8 or equivalent class 8.8: class 8.8 requires heat treatment of the material. As an alternative, we can also offer an equivalent to class 8.8 without heat treatment: The yield strength and breaking strength comply with the minima of the ISO 898 standard, but without heat treatment. If you opt for this version, the mechanical characteristics of the proposed material will be provided to you at the time of the price offer.

U Bolts

Depending on the specifications of the material, the geometry of the part or the customer’s need, or the customer’s specifications, our U-bolts can be cold or hot bent. From M8 to M90 in finished lengths that can exceed 3 meters, the U-bolts we produce are used in different sectors: energy, railway, construction, etc.

The threads are made either by removing material or by rolling according to the specifications requested and according to the desired quality.

In stainless steel, raw steel, galvanized or hot dip galvanized, our stirrups are delivered with their nuts.

Machined Parts

From single parts to large series, thanks to a suitable machine park, Bayonet is able to produce a wide range of machined parts: special washers, lifting accessories, nuts and spherical bearing washers, machined guying yokes, nuts specials, etc.

Machining can also complement our other skills.

The capacities of our CNC lathes make it possible to offer parts of very variable size and weight: from a few grams to a ton or from a few millimeters to several meters.

With spindle size up to 190 mm and a max length of 3000 mm, our largest CNC lathe allows us to produce a wide variety of parts.

All types of materials can be worked: C45, S355, S460, 42CD4, 34NCD6, A2 and A4 stainless steel, Duplex, etc.


In stock or made to order, we offer a wide range of accessories in addition to our products:

  • Standard nuts ISO 4032 or DIN 934, ISO 4035: all sizes from M8
  • Special nuts with spherical seat, castellated nuts, nuts on plans
  • Connection sleeves standard or on drawing
  • Standard washers NFE 25513, DIN 125, ISO 7089
  • Special thick washers or specific dimensions
  • Square, rectangular, flat or curved inserts
  • All specific parts on drawings

A wide choice of materials and finishes:

All these products can be offered in different materials and finishes: raw steel, zinc-plated, hot-dip galvanized, INOX 304L (1.4306), INOX 316L (1.4404), INOX 1.4462 1.4362 (Duplex)

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