About us

With 85 years of experience in hot forging, threading/thread rolling, machining, metal bending and hot dip galvanization Bayonet puts its expertise available to its customer to meet all their needs in fasteners and anchorage solutions.

Choosing Bayonet means opting for a partner with a high-performance team and a constantly modernized production tool.

From co-design to production in small, medium and large series, Bayonet assists you during all your requests for special and standard bolts, studs, tie rods, anchors, threaded rods etc.


Company capabilities

Hot Forging

  • 5 forging presses from 80 to 250 T
  • 4 mechanic presses from 15 to 100 T
  • 1 hydraulic presse 60T

Threading/Thread Rolling

  • 8 Thread rolling machines M8 to M160 (Cold forming)
  • 6 Threading machines


  • 6 Computer Numerical Control Lathe (4 axis)
  • 1 traditional lathe
  • 1 grinding machine

Monitoring Tools

  • Hardness measurements
  • Profile projector
  • Ring and Plug screw thread gages

Steel Park

  • 1 overhead crane 2x 3.2T
  • 2 automatic saws : cut up to  ø330
  • 3 shears : cut up to   ø50

Planning and Design

A technical inquiry or a specific need, our research department can assist you in the design of your parts while taking into account our manufacturing possibilities.

Quality – Safety – Environment (QSE)

Experts in special and standard bolts, Bayonet manufactures all types of assembly bolts, anchoring bolts and fasteners.

The concerned sectors are varied: Energy, Transportation, Construction, Railway etc

Bayonet has put Quality Safety and Environment among its priority objectives since 1990.

These guidelines allow us to continuously improve our performance and thus obtain lasting satisfaction from our customers.

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